Our Mom told us that it’s really all about us; the brownies. After all, she said . . . without us, there would be no Beverly Hills Brownie Company®. So that’s why this section has been written by us – The Brownies.

While Mom felt very strongly that we should be the focus of your attention, she did expect that you might be interested in our upbringing. It’s perfectly understandable. You look at the kids, and immediately wonder about the parents. So here’s our story; it’s relatively short and very sweet.

We come from a very close and loyal family. Our Mom has always loved to bake, and she found herself doing more and more of it in the last year. With fond memories of her Mamama (her great-baker of a grandmother) and everyday inspiration from her Father (he’s always said “If you can’t fix it, feature it”), Mom set out to share some of her sweet treats with others. She hoped to feature something that would make people smile at any time, including those moments when life’s challenges could be too tricky to fix.

So, we began as a spark in our Mom’s eyes very early in 2009, and were born about nine months later. She thought it would be important for us to be able to get along with anyone and everyone. That’s why each of us is different in terms of our great flavors and our good-looks. And that’s why each of us has four edges . . . and a center. Mom felt that you needed to respect the right, the left, and the center, in order to appreciate the whole. It’s just a matter of good taste.

Mom also told us that we would really have to stick together to accomplish our primary mission in life: to make people everywhere smile. She explained that as twenty six individual siblings we might each have some very special features, yet only as a team would we be unbeatable.

We believe her, so we stay close to each other and close to our roots as descendants of the First Brownie (reputed to have been born in Chicago in the late 1800s). We take very seriously the high standards we must uphold as a great, American Tradition and have been raised with these important core values: quality in every ingredient, value in every morsel, style in every sliver, integrity in every measure, and of course, smiles in every bite.

We are baked fresh daily by caring hands, sold locally here in Beverly Hills, California, and shipped nationwide. Our family is growing in number, as are the smiles that we generate. We hope you invite us into your home soon, and just ask that you please let our Mom know first. Here’s her information:

Bobbie Greenfield
Mom and Founder
Beverly Hills Brownie Company®

Very truly yours,

The Brownies